About us

Family Strength Associates, Inc. (FSA) is a non-profit organization based in Burlington, New Jersey, but provides services throughout the state of New Jersey and surrounding areas. This dynamic organization works to strengthen families and educators, from the inside out. FSA focuses on the two main areas of Adult Professional Development and Family Development. The purpose of this organization is to provide instruction and guidance to adults and organizations that are directly involved in the growth and development of children and families. The mission is to assist in the restoration and maintenance of the family unit so that the family can become a self-sustaining productive component of society.

Consultants at Family Strength have extensive experience in training youth leaders, teachers, and parents from urban and suburban communities. Each training session is comprised of stimulating hands-on activities, customized to address the particular needs of program participants. In the context of a comfortable and familiar environment, FSA instructors encourage questioning, participation, and critical reflection during the training process. The action-oriented workshops provide practical information that is immediately applicable to daily life situations.

Our services are available to:

• Parenting Groups
• Child Care Centers
• Faith-based Organizations
• Public and Private Schools
• Youth Groups and Leaders
• Corporations
• Other Community-based Organizations
• Individuals and Families

We offer:

• Staff development training
• On-site CDA classes
• CDA observations
• Technical assistance
• Life-skills training
• Parent training
• Marriage and family education
• Counseling


Our Administrative Staff…

Ms. Ramata Choma, MA

Ramata Choma is the Founder and Director of Family Strength Associates, Inc.  Her background includes experience as a teacher, child care center director, case manager and college instructor.  Ms. Choma has taught for Northern Illinois University, Essex County College, Kean University, Bloomfield College, and other education, federal, and community organizations.  She has been a seminar leader and adult educator for nearly 30 years.  Ramata believes that the family is the foundation from which all social and intellectual growth begins.  As an Educator and Family Specialist, she is dedicated to providing assistance in the effort to re-build and strengthen the family unit and its members.