Family Strength Associates provides skill development training and consulting to parents and children to build and strengthen the family unit.  Parents in the 21st century can always use assistance with guiding their children though difficult stages of development.  Parents definitely need support to develop relationships with spouses, teachers, and other significant people in both the parents’ and children’s lives. 


Family Developing Programs & Life Skills Management

Family developing programs are designed to promote healthy resilient family relationships.  Using research-based educational programs and products, we help parents and their children effectively interact, communicate, and solve individual and family problems.  Families also have the opportunity to develop essential life skills: Stress Management, Financial Management, Home Management, and Time Management.

Parent Skills Training

Our parent skills training programs provide parents with effective techniques for communicating, guiding behavior, developing self-esteem, and supporting through stages of development


Family Strength Associates provides group education sessions for single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, parents of preschoolers, teens, and emergent adults.